If you are an enthusiastic photographer, we guess that you have heard of Nikon D3300, an affordable, entry-level DSLR camera which claims to have an excellent resolving power, durable construction, and a reasonable pixel count. But, is it worth your investment? We have scrutinized its features to help you decide.

Nikon D3300 Bundle Key Accessories

• 24.2MP APS-C sensor

Nikon D3300 bundleThe best Nikon D3300 bundle boasts of a high-resolution 24.2MP APS-C sensor, a feature that is mostly found in high-end models like the Nikon D7200. This feature makes the camera a great option for photographers or videographers who are looking for one that can capture finer details.

• Excellent ISO sensitivity range

Besides the best in class resolution, this DSLR camera provides a reasonable ISO sensitivity that ranges from ISO100-12,800. The wide sensitivity range makes it an ideal option for capturing quality images and or footage in multiple lighting settings.

• EXPEED 4 processing engine

Nikon D3300 features the second generation EXPEED 4 processing engine which delivers a burst rate of up to 100 high-resolution JPEGs. Also, this second generation processing engine lets you record good quality HD footage, as well as shoot incessantly at a rate of 5fps.

• Construction and design

Nikon D3300’s frame is constructed from polycarbonate, a light but durable material that can endure regular use and abuse for a prolonged period. In addition to the solid construction, the
DSLR camera has a textured surface for secure handling, a collapsible kit lens for easy storage and transportation, and fewer control buttons for smooth operation.

• Image quality

With a pixel count of 24 million, Nikon D3300 gives you high-quality images whose fine details can be revealed even when you zoom them at 100%. in fact, the images will maintain their excellent resolution even when printing or sharing online.

• Additional features

Other great features that makeup Nikon D3300 are; microphone port and stereo mic for clear sound recording, an attractive design, and a powerful battery that can deliver up to 700 shots in a single charge.

Our Verdict- Is The Camera Worth The Investment?

In our opinion, Nikon D3300 is worth purchasing. The DSLR camera has a durable construction, delivers an excellent image quality in most lighting situations, has an excellent processing speed, and it has a powerful battery.